Healthy Athletic Greens Superfood Review

Healthy Athletic Greens Superfood Review If you are in the market for a really healthy drink to add to your daily regimen you probably want one that has real ingredients that offer real nutrition. AG or Athletic Greens is one product that boasts it uses dozens of vegetables to provide 12 grams of nutrition and lots of energy and to learn more click here. Use this Athletic Greens superfood review to see if it is something you should try.

It contains organic broccoli, spinach, carrots, wheatgrass and more. This blend also has beets, bilberry, papaya and spirulina in it. That is a pretty huge and unique variety of organic vegetables to add to a nutrition drink. Yet, AG really contains all of these and more. In fact, there are 27 vegetables in the formula.

The potency of the vegetables is there in every serving. There is nothing artificial about the mix. It contains 100 percent organic ingredients and the potency is something you will feel after having just one serving. The amount of energy you get is undeniable. The label shows that there are over eight grams of raw organic superfoods in the mix.

That is impressive, but if you have  ever made yourself your own homemade juice from spinach or kale, you probably know that the taste is less than bearable. It is healthy to drink but awful to taste. The grassiness is unpalatable to say the least.

However, the makers of Athletic Greens took the time to experiment with the blend of immune-boosting and cleansing ingredients. With a lightly flavored chocolate mix, the green grass taste is non-existent.

There are 233 mg of digestive enzymes in this drink so it is great as a probiotic supplement as well.  All things considered, this Athletic Greens superfood review can safely give it a four out of five stars.