What Is The Sharktech Blog?

What Is The Sharktech Blog?There are many different security concerns when you run an online website. One of the more common hacking attacks, or denial of service attacks, has popped up in recent years is the D DOS attack. This is when an attempt is made by a large number of computers to access one website at the same time, coordinated often times with computers and automated programs in order to overwhelm the hosting. While there are many different areas of online security that the Sharktech Blog concentrates on, the D DOS attacks are the biggest focus.

The Sharktech Blog at hub.sharktech.net was founded by Tim Timrawi who founded the company of the same name. The main focus of his business is to help offer special protections not only for individuals, but for businesses who may eventually find their online systems under this type of concentrated attack. The blog is a natural offshoot of the company, providing exceptional information and even some basic training on how to help prevent these types of security issues online.

While the blog itself is run by a variety of different experts and posters, the main focus is remain the same now as in the very beginning. This company’s blog has become known as one of the premier sources of information on cyber security that you can find anywhere online.

Because of this, the Sharktech Blog is widely known among programmers, cyber security specialists, and certain IT professionals who must rely on its information to help keep their particular system safe and secure for the company they work for.

While not everyone might be in need of the specific security packages offered by this company, the fact they have worked to make their blog such a powerful source of information goes to show their dedication to proper online security.